How to Enhance Your Solo Play with a Masturbator for Men

How to Enhance Your Solo Play with a Masturbator for Men

Let's guess, you're either thinking of getting a male masturbator, you're curious about using one on your partner, or you already have one that you're eager to use? Here, you can get all the information you need about how to use a masturbator.

You can go through the basics of the best male masturbation toys and how they work. Moreover, you can receive some concrete tips on how to elevate your self-love act.

Is masturbation good for health?

Masturbation is also called a practice of self-pleasure. It is the most common practice in men. About 95% of men in the world practice this act of self-pleasure called masturbation.

When people use the same method or solo practice, men get bored of it. So you need to understand it for a more satisfying result. However, before that, you may wonder if it is a safe practice.

It is a healthy act if done in a controlled way; however, doing something many times is bad for the body. You can also use different masturbators for male for this self-love act.

It is a way to know yourself more physically as well as discover your fantasies that make you feel good. Apart from sexual pleasure, there are many benefits of masturbation to the body.

When masturbation is taken on moral ground, it may sound wrong. However, it has many health benefits, which may aid in masturbating you easily and without pressure:

It reduces stress and anxiety by inducing relaxation post-orgasm in a private environment.

It improves penis health by promoting blood circulation, reducing the risk of infections.

Dopamine and serotonin released during masturbation act as natural pain and stress relievers.

Tips for solo masturbation for Men

Enhancing your solo pleasure can be an exciting journey filled with experimentation. Here are some playful strategies to spice up your next solo session:

Change Positions

Break free from routine by exploring different positions. You may be standing, lying down, or on all fours. Each position offers unique sensations for heightened pleasure.

Switch Hands

Shake things up by using your non-dominant hand or getting adventurous with "The Stranger" technique. Experimenting with different grips and strokes can lead to intense sensations.

Try Different Strokes

Explore a variety of stroking techniques. It may include from long twisting motions to gentle rubbing. Get creative and find what feels best for you.

Move Those Hips

Don't underestimate the power of hip movements. Use gentle circles or a back-and-forth rhythm. Let your hips take you on a wild ride to climax town.

Explore All Your Zones

It's not just about the main event. Pay attention to those other hot spots like your nipples, testicles, and perineum. Trust us, they're all ripe for pleasure.

Tantalize Your Erogenous Zones

Your whole body is a playground of pleasure. Take some time to explore areas like your ears, neck, and lips. You might be surprised by what gets you going.

Prostate Play

Time to give your prostate some love! Whether you're using your fingers or some handy toys, this little spot can lead to mind-blowing orgasms.

Bring in the Toys

Why go solo when you can bring in some fun gadgets? From strokers to prostate stimulators, there's a whole world of masturbation toys for men waiting to take your pleasure to the next level.

Try Edging

Extend the pleasure by practicing orgasm control, also known as edging. Tease yourself to the brink of climax, then pause to prolong the experience for a more explosive finish.

Explore Different Erotic Content

Expand your erotic horizons beyond video porn by exploring erotica in various forms. Let your imagination run wild and indulge in your fantasies.

Take Your Time

Slow down and savor every moment of your solo session. Experiment with different techniques and sensations to discover what really turns you on.

Collection of Best toys for men

Looking to amp up your solo playtime? Check the best male masturbation toys from Lusty Age. Start preparing for an unforgettable experience. Here's a rundown of some of our top picks:

1.  Automatic Penis Enlargement Vibrator & Male Mastubator


Automatic Penis Enlargement Vibrator & Male Mastubator

For those aiming to add a little extra length and girth, this stretcher offers a non-invasive solution. With adjustable settings, it ensures a comfortable fit while stimulating tissue growth for potential enhancement.

2.  Male Masturbator Vibrator - Oral Sex



Male Masturbator Vibrator - Oral Sex


Experience the sensation of lifelike oral pleasure whenever you desire. Designed to mimic the feel of a real mouth, this vibrator offers customizable vibration settings for personalized satisfaction.

3.  Automatic Piston Rotating Sucking Male Masturbator Cup


Automatic Piston Rotating Sucking Male Masturbator Cup


Dive into hands-free pleasure with this advanced toy featuring ten customizable modes. With lifelike textures and automatic functionality, it promises an unforgettable experience, whether solo or with a partner.

4.  10 Speeds Electric Adult Oral Sucking Cup Vacuum Pump Training Cup


10 Speeds Electric Adult Oral Sucking Cup Vacuum Pump Training Cup


It utilizes vacuum technology. This innovative pump potentially enhances penile size through increased blood flow. Regular use may lead to improved erectile function and heightened sexual confidence.

5.  2 in 1 Electric Penis Enlargement Pump And Masturbator


2 in 1 Electric Penis Enlargement Pump And Masturbator

This device offers enhanced sensation and control. It combines the benefits of a penis pump with adjustable settings. Perfect for those seeking to customize their pumping experience.

How to Use Masturbators for Beginners Men

Let's learn the ways to use men masturbation toys for the first time:

Step 1

Clean your toys thoroughly to remove any debris from the manufacturing process. We recommend using hand soap with sterilizing properties. It will ensure cleanliness and do not harm the material.

Step 2

Apply lube generously inside the male masturbator to facilitate smooth insertion. Start with enough lube to cover the entire area.

Step 3

Remove air from the masturbator by squeezing it from the bottom before inserting your penis. It ensures a snug fit for more sensation during use.

Step 4

Insert your penis slowly, pressing against the entrance of the masturbator.

Step 5

Explore techniques to enhance pleasure. It may include warming the masturbators and lotion to body temperature, or fixing the masturbators for hands-free enjoyment. Each technique can elevate your experience and add excitement to solo play.

Wrapping up

Masturbation, in fact, is a healthy practice that everybody can do. You should keep in mind that in doing so, you should not harm yourselves. Now that you understand the charm of men masturbation toys, how to use them, and what to look out for, you can use them as a sex toy to take you to stronger pleasures.